Thursday, October 25, 2012

                                                                 MBA CHINA STUDY

                                      The Union Graduate College MBA China experience 2012
                                                  November 30th through December 12th
This is the fifth year that a group of Union Graduate College MBA’s will be visiting Shanghai and Beijing. The intent of the trip is for the student to gain a better understanding of how to do business in China.
We will be visiting companies to hear about their strategies, their successes  and what they learned from their failures.  Chinese university professors will be giving us their insight as to economy of China and what to expect in the future. And of course we will be visiting cultural/tourist must see places like the Great Wall. I will be leading the tour and try to pass on my experiences in working, living and teaching in China. Joe McDonald the CFO of UGC and a MBA alumnus will join the tour as an Executive –in-Residence.  I expect the student to come away with a business experience, an academic experience and a cultural experience and to have some fun along the way. We will making candid comments about our experiences along with some interesting photos in this blog.

You will be reading about the adventures of these students:
Julie Daniel, Jeff Daniels, Jeneeta Howe, David Lomke, Geneve Lung, Michael Mooney, Phillip Monthie
Kaitlin O’Sullivan, Don Peterson and Devlyn Tedesco
and these alumni: Rob Hasenkopf and Colin Bliss

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